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Halic Goldenhorn Film Fest & Market

The four-day mega event in the largest consumer of cinematic content, equipment, resources and biggest producer of Content, Turkey,  brings together Content Sellers, Buyers, Producers, Directors Financiers and Governments on a single platform. We invite you to participate and find your own resources, connect with professionals, companies, Funds that you need. The Halic Goldenhorn Film Fest & Market, shall have Location Managers, Tourism Boards, acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, Over-the-top media services platforms, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, film funds, film institutes, studios, the world’s press and all those who provide services to the motion picture and television industry. The event is being supported by the institutions of Cinema of Turkey, the apex body of all film making associations-organizations

We are opening a new medium for the cinema industry. “FILM MARKET”

Turkey’s film industry, the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, leasing companies, suppliers, construction companies, directors, academics and film students, film and with experienced filmmakers with new projects, financiers, participants will be here to present their film projects to the film commission.

Halic Goldenhorn Film Festival & Market

It aims to redefine Film Festivals by introducing featured cinema works, quality cinema, philosophy of cinema, film and cinema education sector. The Festival aims to focus solely on the purpose of coexistence & collaboration with Festival attendees in the arts, commerce and cinema industry.

Turkey will be held for the first time, ” FILM MARKET ”

Haliç film market is a festival where representatives of Hollywood, Bollywood, European and Asian Cinema, TV channels, regional and world cinemas come together and stay for a few days and they cannot give up by establishing good cooperation in this cinematic medium. & The movie will be market.

Halic Goldenhorn Film Festival & Market

Film Producers, Film Studios, Directors, Cinema equipment companies, Professionals, Investors, Financiers, Media Companies, Actors, Writers, Musicians, Online Platforms, TV Channels, Movie Owners, Intermediaries, Equipment Suppliers, Distributors, Embassies, Film Commissions, Tourism Boards State Representatives